PE.fiberoptics is pleased to announce the immediate availability of its latest product designed to solve common geometry measurement problems.
'All New' Fiber and Coating Geometry Measurement System - FG500HR.
The FG500HR employs methods fully compliant with IEC, namely:
  IEC-60793-1-20 (End view) for Fiber.
  IEC-60793-1-21 (Side View) for Coating.

Measures many coating types including Polyimide.

Fiber Optic Testing

 PE.fiberoptics has a rich history working with industry leaders in the fiber and cable world, developing and delivering state of the art solutions for your critical measurement needs.

Recent developments have enabled us to integrate our high speed Interferometric PMD500HS with the equally fast CD500 Chromatic Dispersion measurement giving a complete Dual parameter Dispersion test solution with just one fiber handling operation, yielding a massive productivity increase.

 PE.fiberoptics manufactures systems that measure a range of optical and physical parameters from Polarisation Mode and Chromatic Dispersion (CD/PMD) to Fiber and Coating Geometry. We welcome you to browse our website or contact us directly for further information.



WE'RE HERE! Providence, Rhode Island. 3 - 4 October 2016
 PE.fiberoptics utilises the best forums around the world to showcase world beating measurement solutions.

In October 2016, we will introduce yet more innovations including our first OTDR based instrument. Visit us at our booth to find out what we have been working on.